Sarvar Sabri has appeared in numerous cds appearing as a soloist and recording with some of the world's best musicians. Some of his recordings are mentioned below.
sarvar sabri 2  

Master Drummer of India (ARC music UK/ Music Today-India)
On this CD Sabri presents four pieces in four classical Indian rhythms including Taal Bundu Khani, a very unusual time cycle of 8 1/2 beats.

  Sabri Ensemble  

Sabri Ensemble - Dhin Na (wriggly pig records)
Sarvar Sabri and friends record this hauntingly melodic and vibrantly percussive music fusing funky jazz with Indian classical tradition.

best of Tabla  

Best of Tabla (Music Today India)
Featuring Sarvar Sabri & Ustad Zakir Hussain. This is a 2 cd set where both artists play some unusual Talas (timecycles)

  Masters 1  

Masters of Percussion (ARC music UK) rousing album of percussion music from all over the world played by master percussionists and rhythmic wizards from Japan, England, Egypt, India, Africa and Latin America.


Saaz - Tabla (Music Today - India)
The Indian musical genius has produced many musical wonders. Saaz (the Urdu word for musical instrument) brings together some of the finest classical instrumental renditions by acknowledged masters. Sarvar Sabri appears alongside some of the greatest masters Ustad Alla Rakha, Pt. Kishan Maharaj and Ustad Zakir Hussain.

  Sabri family 1


The Sabri Family (ARC music UK) Three generations of Sabri Family – Ustad Sabri Khan, Kamal Sabri, Suhail Yusuf Khan on sarangi and Sarvar Sabri (tabla). Raag Megh, Raag Mian Ki Malhar, Tabla Solo Shikhar Tala, Raag Adana, Raag Pancham.

Sabri family 2


The family Tradition (Audiorec UK)
The exciting sound of family making music together. Ustad Sabri Khan, Kamal Sabri on sarangi and Sarvar Sabri on tabla.

Ustad Sabri Khan 1  

Ustad Sabri Khan (Auvidis Ethnic France)
Raga Darbari and Raga Multani Ustad Sabri Khan (sarangi) Sarvar Sabri (tabla)

  Ustad Sabri Khan 2  

Ustad Sabri Khan & Sarvar Sabri (ARC music international UK)

Ustad Sabri Khan 3


Sarangi -Ustad Sabri Khan (ARC music International UK)
Ustad Sabri Khan (sarangi) Sarvar Sabri (tabla)
  Ustad Sabri Khan 4  

Ustad Sabri Khan (ARC music UK) Recorded Live in UK. Raga Saugandh and Thumri Mishra Khammaj.
Ustad Sabri Khan (sarangi) Sarvar Sabri (tabla)

Masters 2  

Masters of Percussion (ARC Music)
Sarvar Sabri (India), Hossam Ramzy (Egypt), Miguel Castro (South America) and Emmanuel Tagoe (Ghana). Absolutely exhilarating CD! This is for everyone who likes rhythm and percussion!

  Sarvar Sabri 1  

Sarvar Sabri (ARC music UK)
Sarvar Sabri (tabla) and Pt.Vishwa Prakash (harmonium)


The Journey (Black Box)
Represents a true meeting of cultures. Sabri says it best: “This recording is not Indian music nor is it jazz. This is modern Britain. Martin Speake (sax), Sarvar Sabri (tabla) & Dharambir Singh (sitar)